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How does HKExcel train and develop the best IB tutor HK?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

HKExcel is the leading IB tuition centre in Hong Kong, recognised by major schools and newspapers in Hong Kong. Many parents are deeply concerned about finding the best IB tutor hk for their child. Thus, we are often asked about our tutors’ qualification and training.

In this blog post, we aim to answer what we believe are the key criteria of a top IB tutor HK, and the way in which we develop these qualities in our tutors.

1. Tremendous understanding of the syllabus and the exam

Parents want a IB specialist who really knows what will come up in the IB exam. All of our IB tutor HK in HKExcel are trained with a deep understanding of the IB syllabus. This includes knowing the key points in each chapter, the key exam techniques in each exam paper and the IA requirements.

Moreover, all of our IB tutors HK use the same set of notes for each subject, which are collectively developed by our IB team.

Our IB notes includes all the key points for each topic, summarised in a concise manner. Moreover, it includes IB mock questions related to each topic. All of our tutors in our IB tutor HK team uses the same notes to teach to ensure consistency in our lessons. It also ensures that all HKExcel students can get a great learning experience from our tutor.

2. Subject expertise

All of our tutors only focus on 1 or at most 2 IB subjects, based on what they studied in their bachelor’s degree. All of our tutors are essentially subject experts in their subject as they have studied the subject during the bachelor’s degree.

Moreover, all of our tutors have achieved top grades during their secondary exam for the subject they teach.

3. Exceptional communication skills

Teaching is a skill with significant variation from person to person. As we all know, there are some teachers that are much more effective than others. When you are in their class, you feel like you are learning a lot and you confidence in the subject increases drastically. On the other hand, when you are with an ineffective teacher, you get totally confused and worried about the subject. So what is the difference between an effective teacher and an ineffective teacher? We believe the answer lies in a teacher’s communication skills.

Communication skills is a broad term, and includes tonality, structure of explanation, body language etc. HKExcel’s cofounders are experts in this themselves. Firstly, an effective tutor is able to structure an explanation for a concept or a solution that is extremely easy to follow and understand. Second, an effective tutor is able to engage the student in the lesson through a confident and passionate communication style. Their youtube videos have been watched by over 1 million IB students, indicating their highly effective and popular teaching style.

All tutors in our HKExcel IB tutor HK team have been trained by our co-founders to have the most effective communication skills. This training involves role playing and feedback to ensure all tutors have the best communication skills.

Apart from training from our co-founders, all tutors in the HKExcel IB tutor HK team also go through job shadowing with more experienced tutors so that they can see and experience the teaching style of top tutors.

4. A system that aligns the tutor’s incentive with the student

We have heard quite many IB students who complain about their school teacher being lazy and not teaching exam skills and concepts required in IB exams. One of the biggest reasons for this is because school teachers’ incentives are often not aligned with the student. A teacher’s pay is generally fixed in an IB school, meaning that regardless of a teacher’s teaching quality, the pay would just be just the same. IN such a system, teachers generally don't have an incentive to help students’ improve their results drastically.

To learn more about our IB team, visit here

At HKExcel, all of our tutors in our IB tutor HK team has a remuneration package that is directly linked to their teaching performance. Competent teachers who are well-liked by students will receive better remuneration. As a result, our tutors are incentivised to do a great job for our students

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