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The Ultimate Guide to IB Exams in April and May 2024

With IB exams starting in April, it is best to prepare for your IB exams early. Knowing which date your exam is on and its duration allows you to strategically prepare your time. Read on to learn more about 2024’s IB exam schedule, how long the exams are expected to be as well as tips for exam day.


IB Exam Schedule 2024


Exams for 2024 will be spread over 4 weeks, starting from the afternoon of Wednesday the 24th of April, with the last exam date being held on the morning of Friday the 17th of May. IB exams are split into 2 sessions per day, in either the morning or afternoon session. Depending on the exam zone, morning sessions will start at either 9 or 10 am, while afternoon exam sessions will either begin at 1 or 2 pm. Plan your trip to the venue well in advance to ensure that you get the most time possible.


Please be advised that your IB exam may fall on a 2024 public holiday. A detailed breakdown of the exam schedule can be found here on the International Baccalaureate website.


2024 IB Exam Dates and Duration for Different Subjects


To ensure that exams do not clash, IB subjects are sorted into groups before being allocated a time slot. These six groups are:


-        Interdisciplinary Subjects

-        Sciences

-        Studies in Language & Literature and Language Acquisition

-        Mathematics

-        Individuals and Societies

-        Arts


In addition, exam duration will differ depending on the type of subject. You may refer to the table below for a general estimate of how long your IB exam could be.



Interdisciplinary Subjects

1 to 2 hours


45 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes

Studies in Language & Literature and Language Acquisition

45 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes


1 to 2 hours

Individuals and Societies

1 hour to 2 hours 30 minutes


No exams



IB Exam Day Tips and Strategies


To ensure that you perform your best on the day of your exam, here are several things to keep in mind before you head to the venue.


  • Get enough sleep: To ensure that you’re well rested and alert for your exam, consider resting earlier the evening before your exam.

  • Read The Exam Instructions: Before you start your exam, read the instructions to gain a better understanding of what is expected of you. 

  • Allocate Time for Each Question: Plan your time for each question wisely. Don’t spend too much time on a question as you risk running out of time for others. For sections you are unsure of, skip that question or part and come back to it later.

  • Check Your Answers: If time allows it, use this to check your answers. You can minimize your mistakes and fill in any incomplete answers.


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