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Many IB students in Hong Kong take the iGCSE as a pre-IB preparatory course. Thus, HKExcel also offers iGCSE courses with top iGCSE tutors to help students better prepare for IB!

Here are the key features of our iGCSE tutorial course:

- Results oriented: Our iGCSE classes focuses on helping students to understand key concepts and to improve their exam results. Thus, our iGCSE experts will teach exam skills as well as explaining concepts. Moreover, all classes involve intensive exam question drilling to help students improve their score.

- Well-rounded: We aim to strike an effective balance between exam skill training and helping students to understand the concepts.

- Prepares students for the IB: all of our iGCSE experts also have extensive teaching experience in the IB. Thus, our iGCSE courses will also be effective in helping iGCSE students prepare for the IB.

iGCSE subjects we offered: English language, English Literature, Chinese, Math, Economics, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics.

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