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Achieve Your Highest Potential with an IB Biology Tutor in HK!

Levels offered: HL & SL

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Key IB Biology assessments our tutors help with

- Paper 1 (MCQ): This paper consists of multiple-choice questions only, and is focused on the core syllabus

- Paper 2 (Data Response & Short questions): This paper consists of data response and short questions only, and is focused on the core syllabus

- Paper 3 (Options paper): This paper is focused on the option topics, consisting of data response and short questions only

- Internal Assessment (IA): Students are required to conduct a self-designed experiment and write a complete lab report

What is required to achieve a level 6 or 7 in Biology?

Scoring a top mark in any IB subject requires a combination of in-depth knowledge, skill mastery, and strategic preparation. When aiming for a level 6 or 7 in IB Biology, our tutors will help students focus on the following areas:

  • Deep Understanding of Concepts: Grasping both core and optional topics in IB Biology is crucial. This means understanding the underlying principles, not just memorizing facts.

  • Proficiency in Laboratory Skills: Practical work is key. Students should excel in designing experiments, analyzing results, and conducting their IA with confidence.

  • Exam Strategies: Familiarity with the IB Biology exam format is vital. Students should practice various question types and hone their time management.

  • Practice with Past Papers: Tackling past questions helps identify strengths and weaknesses, refining answering techniques.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Linking biological concepts to real-world situations, ethical considerations, and other subjects can enhance understanding and responses.

  • Engagement: Active participation in class and exploring topics beyond the syllabus enriches the learning experience.

Why choose HKExcel’s IB Biology tutors?

Our IB Biology tuition team has a tremendous track record of boosting IB students' scores. Over 90% of students reported Level 6 or higher in the 2018 May exam .


We understand that simply knowing biology isn't enough; students need the tools to effectively demonstrate that knowledge in an exam setting. Thus, we emphasise essential exam skills and robust question drilling, preparing students to tackle a range of question types and scenarios confidently. We also use a personalized tutoring approach that best suits your learning needs.


Biology tutoring can be very effective when you have the right tutor that has been in the field for years. At HKExcel, our tutors have taught over 6000+ students in recent years. We promise that our selected IB Biology tutors will help you achieve your goals.


If you want to boost your grades in IB Biology, please sign up for our FREE trial lesson on IB biology HERE. Our IB Bio Tutor will arrange the lesson for you within 24 hours!

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Need a quick fix for your upcoming IB Biology assessments? Watch our FREE videos below!

How to write a L7 Biology IA in 2 hours

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How will our IB Biology tutors help you during your free trial?

- Our IB Bio tutor will help you master the topic that you find most challenging

- Your tutor will teach you the most updated and effective IB Biology exam skills related to the topic

- You will be prepared to answer all IB Bio exam questions that appear for any topic

- You will receive a copy of our complete, concise, and exam-based IB Bio notes for the topic

- You will receive a copy of our IB Bio Question bank, including all question types that can show up for the topic

FREE IB Biology trial classes are available in our centers or online through Skype!

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HKExcel Locations:

(Hong Kong) Room 702, Honest Building, 9-11 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Testimonials for HKExcel’s IB Biology Tutors

See what other top IB students have to say about us!
We have helped 6000+ IB students to boost their IB grades

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"HKExcel's tutors helped me a lot for my EE and IAs, and on topics that was not covered in detail at school"​
- Cherrie Liu (45/45 in IB, took Chemistry, Biology and Math at HKExcel)
Video link:

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"HKExcel helped me a lot. I got a 5 in form 4 and now I got a 7. HKExcel have very great notes" 
- Eugenia (44/45 in IB, took Biology at HKExcel)
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