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"HKExcel's tutors helped me a lot for my EE and IAs, and on topics that was not covered in detail at school"​
- Cherrie Liu (45/45 in IB, took Chemistry, Biology and Math at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel helped me a lot. I got a 5 in form 4 and now I got a 7. HKExcel have very great notes" 
- Eugenia (44/45 in IB, took Biology at HKExcel)
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"Seek help on subjects you are struggling in..HKExcel helped to clarify concepts I was struggling in,,," 
- James Chow (45/45 in IB, took Chemistry and Biology at HKExcel)
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"My predicted grade was a L5, but after HKExcel gave me some model answers..I got a L7"
- Keith Chau (41/45 in IB, took Economics and English at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel helped me a lot to understand math concepts by breaking down each topic"
- Joyce Lam (43/45 in IB, took Mathematics and Biology at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel's notes helped me a lot to study more efficiently. When I went into the exams, I was prepared, yet relaxed"​
- Wallace (43/45 in IB, took Econ, Biology and English at HKExcel)
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"My tutor helped me a lot for my EE and IA!"​
- Nichole (41/45 in IB, took English and Economics at HKExcel)
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"I went to HKExcel a lot and I did a lot of papers at HKExcel and at home. That improved my grades a lot, super quick"
- Angela (41/45 in IB, took English, Chinese, Math and Economics at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel's teachers break down the concepts really well." 
-Conan (41/45 in IB, took Chemistry and Mathematics at HKExcel)
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"I got a lot of support from HKExcel tutors and I came back to revise during my study leave"     
-Janice (40/45 in IB, took Biology and Mathematics at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel helps to make my revision very specific"    
-Goldee (41/45 in IB, took English and Math at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel helped me a lot to secure 7 in IB Bio and Chem!"    
- Daisy (45/45 in IB, took Chemistry and Biology at HKExcel)
"Within 1 month, I improved by 3 marks in Math, from 3 to 5. So I love HKExcel, it is very good"    
- Stefanie (took Math at HKExcel)
"I really enjoy learning at HKExcel, I feel that their lesson format is very engaging and filled with content"  
- Mina (41/45 in IB, took English and Math at HKExcel)
"My Biology teacher got me from a 3 to a 6, and for math, I bumped from a 3 to a 5."  
- Jeremy (took Biology and Math at HKExcel)
"HKExcel has really useful notes"    
- Venice (45/45 in IB, took Econ and Math at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel is a very helpful place for students to study"    
- David (41/45 in IB, took Chem and Math at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel is great because they give you IB specific questions to do, help you to tackle them. This helps a lot as a lot of tutoring programs don't have this kind of focus"
- Michael Cheng (Boosted from 5 to 6 in IB Math and Chem and 6 to 7 in IB Physics )
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"These notes are better than the ones I get from school!"
- Jonathan Cheng (Boosted from 4 to 6 in IB Math)
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"HKExcel is great, and you learn a lot and it really helped me with my skills"
- Kirsten Law (Studied IB Physics at HKExcel)
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"You get really good notes, its really useful, its really condense. Its really tailored to the IB curriculum which I really like"
- Ruhi (Level 7 in IB Econ)
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"HKExcel made studying a lot easier, because they help me to understand concepts and makes Economics very easy"
- Ryu (40/45 in IB, took IB Econ at HKExcel)
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"I really like the tutors here and I find them really helpful for everything that they taught me in Math and Science"
- Thomas (took IB Math at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel has really helped me to develop my Bio skills and Bio knowledge, with the tutors here, who are really helpful"
- Simran (took IB Bio at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel has helped me boost up my score for 5 grades in Math. Just come and give them a try"
- Arthur (Boosted from 2 to 7 in IB Math SL)
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"HKExcel really helped me to prepare for the summer in IB"
- Hazel (L7 in IB Math and IB Econ)
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"I am learning a lot...I am glad I joined this tuition because it really supported me for my exams"
- Momoka (Took IB Business at HKExcel)
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"I took Geo here for 2 years and it has really improved my grades"
- Rene (Took IB Geo at HKExcel)
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"The teachers here are really professional and they really know how to teach. The notes here are also very concise and exam-based"
- Bobo (Took IB English and Math at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel is really great and the tutors here are really knowledgeable"
- Aaron (Took IB English and Math at HKExcel)
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