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Words from our founders

Ryan Reagan & Edward Stevens



When we started HKExcel back in 2013, we were the only tutors at the centre. Fast forward to 2019, our institution have already taught over 6000 students, and employ over 30 IB Experts. Our responsibilities have shifted from teaching to management.


What makes HKExcel successful is that we deeply understand what makes a top tutor, which allows us to train our tutors to be industry-leading. In fact, we are top tutors ourselves, and were the main tutors of the company before we grew into a 30 person team.  Our video tutorials on Youtube have received well over 1 million views, showing the popularity of our teaching style amongst IB students. 

Our role now is to pass our teaching skills onto our tutors so that they can benefit our students.

We believe that top tutors should embrace these 3 qualities:

1. A top tutor should always improve a students' confidence and make things easier

When I was in high school, I wanted to get into LSE for my Bachelor. However, an educational consultant that my family hired told me that I had no chance and should apply to other universities instead. I listened to her advice. Now as I look back, I believe that I would have gotten into LSE if I have tried and believed in myself. 

We believe that it is a tutor's job to inspire a student and to boost a student's confidence. Thus, our tutors always aim to use the simplest way possible to help students grasp challenging academic concepts. Our role is to make things easier for students, not harder.

2. A top tutor should understand a student thoroughly

A top tutor should understand a student's wants and needs. Most students just want to master a concept as soon as possible. Thus, a top tutor should simplify things for students as much as possible to help them understand. 

Moreover, a top tutor should understand the strengths and weakness of a student and customise the lesson accordingly.

3. A top tutor should be exam-oriented

Students go to tuition to boost their grades. This is something we always bare in mind. Thus, we believe that top tutors should be exam-oriented. The tutor should teach students how to efficiently solve all types of exam question that can show up in an exam. To achieve this, a tutor needs to understand the syllabus and the exam very well.

It is our promise that to ensure that all HKExcel tutors demonstrate the 3 qualities above.

- Founders of HKExcel

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