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Congratulations to

2019 HKExcel IB Success stories!

Over 86% of students reported a boost by 2 levels or more in total!

We look forward to helping you to achieve similar success!

Obile wong , DBS, 45_45 econ 7 bio hl 7
joshua lau IB Tutor
Kaitlin, WIS  2 Ryan English Tutor
andy huang
kaiser VSA
Ashley Kot, VSA 2
Tiffany Lai, Creative Secondary School 2
justin koo
anson lee 2
Irene Sung, YCIS 2.png
Joebie Kong T2.png
Trevor Wong, ISF 2
Kareen, CDNIS2
Maxine, WIS 2
Nixon Wong, RCHK 2
Anjali T2 (1) ib Tutor
stephanie tiu, Ardingly College.png
Bonita, South Island School 2.png
Brett, CDNIS 2.png
Cheryl Wong, ISF 2.png
Candy Lee.png
Jasper, Discovery College 2 .png
Chris Li, Shatin College 2 .png
Natalie, Logos academy 2.png
Jonathan, VSA 2 .png
Stacy T2.png
Venus, CKY 2.png
Pak San Fung, CDNIS 2.png
Tiffany Chong, Island School2.png
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