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Our IB Mathematics tutors will help you be the next IB Math Success in HK!

IB Mathematics is a subject of the IB curriculum, consisting of four math courses to choose from. Its curriculum covers a range of topics, including algebra, functions and equations, circular functions and trigonometry, matrices, vectors, statistics and probability, and calculus. The math assessment combines internal and external components, including mathematical investigations and examinations.


Universally recognized by universities and colleges worldwide, IB Mathematics is a valuable stepping stone for students pursuing higher education in fields such as mathematics, engineering, economics, and computer science. With the help of experienced IB Math tutors, you can have a successful IB journey in HK toward a brighter future in the city or anywhere in the world!

Why choose HKExcel's IB Mathematics tutors?

If you're aiming for top scores in IB Mathematics, HKExcel is here to help and guide you to success. We're the only center in HK that focuses solely on IB students; this dedication shows in our results. Over half of our students scored 40+/45 last year, a testament to our approach. Our team of tutors, covering subjects from Math to Geography, has years of experience and proven success.


When you join us for a free trial class, you'll experience first-hand our teaching style with multiple resources available to help you master IB Math topics and tackle difficult questions: practical exam tips, useful study notes, question banks, mock test papers, comprehensive guides, and hands-on practice. You will make the most of your IB journey by choosing our IB Math tutors.


We offer tuition for all IB Math levels:

  • Math AA (SL& HL), Math AI (SL & HL)

  • Mathematics HL, Mathematics SL, Mathematical Studies

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- Our IB Math tutor will help you master the IB Math topic that you find most challenging

- You will learn the most updated and practical IB Math exam skills related to the topic

- You will master all the IB exam questions that can show up for the issue.

- You will receive a copy of our complete, concise and exam-based IB Math notes for the topic

- You will receive a copy of our IB Math question bank, including all question types that can show up for the matter.


FREE trial IB Math classes are available in our centers or online through Skype!

How will our IB Math tutor help you in the free trial?

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Available subjects:

IB Math Analysis SL & HL, IB Math Application SL & HL, IB Math HL, IB Math SL, IB Math Studies

HKExcel Locations:

(Hong Kong) Room 702, Honest Building, 9-11 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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If you have questions about the free trial lesson, or need assistance with the registration, please call us at +852 2663 9194 or message us at +852 6365 7481 via WhatsApp.

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