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Get Expert Guidance from Top IB Chemistry Tutors in HK

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Levels offered: HL & SL

IB Chemistry Tips from our Tutors

Key IB Chemistry assessments our tutors help with

- Paper 1 (MCQ): This paper consists of multiple-choice questions only, and is focused on the core syllabus

- Paper 2 (Data Response & Short questions): This paper consists of data response and short questions only, and is focused on the core syllabus

- Paper 3 (Options paper): This paper is focused on the option topics, consisting of data response and short questions only

- Internal Assessment (IA): Students are required to conduct a self-designed experiment and write a complete lab report

What is required to achieve a level 6 or 7 in Chemistry?

A high IB Chemistry score stems from a mix of strong conceptual understanding, practical aptitude, strategic exam preparation, and active engagement with the material. Our tutors will help you become more aware of the following success elements:

  • Understanding of Concepts: Deeply grasping both core and specialized IB Chemistry topics is essential. Students should focus on applying concepts but not just recalling them.

  • Lab Skills & IA: Practical laboratory skills are pivotal. Mastery in experiment design, data analysis, and producing a compelling IA can significantly boost scores.

  • Exam Techniques: Knowledge of the IB Chemistry exam's structure and adeptness at varied question types, paired with effective time management, is crucial.

  • Strategic Practice: Regularly working on past papers helps students adapt to exam pacing and identify revision areas.

  • Making Connections: Linking chemistry theories to real-world scenarios and other IB subjects enriches understanding and response depth.

  • Active Engagement: Taking part in discussions and pursuing additional chemistry activities enhances grasp and passion for the subject.

IB Chemistry Tips from our Tutors

Our professional IB Chemistry tuition team and IB Chemistry tutors have a tremendous track record of boosting IB students' scores. Over 90% of students reported Level 6 or higher in the 2018 May exam. This consistency in results underscores our unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment to our students.

Beyond deep knowledge of the IB curriculum, our tutors excel in the nuances of exam techniques. We adopt an exam-oriented teaching approach focusing on exam skills and question drilling. Every student's learning journey is unique, and we recognize this by tailoring our teaching methods to cater to individual learning needs, ensuring that every student realizes their full potential.

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How to write a L7 Chem IA in 2 hours

Testimonials for HKExcel’s IB Chemistry Tutors

See what other top IB students have to say about us!
We have helped 6000+ IB students to boost their IB grades

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"HKExcel's tutors helped me a lot for my EE and IAs, and on topics that was not covered in detail at school"​
- Cherrie Liu (45/45 in IB, took Chemistry, Biology and Math at HKExcel)
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"HKExcel helped me a lot. I got a 5 in form 4 and now I got a 7. HKExcel have very great notes" 
- Eugenia (44/45 in IB, took Biology at HKExcel)
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