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In 2020/2021, HKExcel has helped more than 500+ IB students to achieve their University Dream.
Over 90% of them received offers from
Global TOP 50 Universities!

See our students' Top University offer letters below!
Including Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, IVY LEAGUES, CORNELL ,HKU , CUHK etc


Oxford Law Offer

Uni app.001.jpeg

LSE Economics Offer

Uni app.002.jpeg

Cambridge Law Offer

Uni app.003.jpeg

HKU BBA Law Offer

Uni app.004.jpeg

HKU Architecture Offer

Uni app.007.jpeg

University of Bath Architecture Offer

Uni app.008.jpeg

UCL Applied Medical Sciences Offer

Uni app.010.jpeg

Cornell University Offer

Uni app.012.jpeg

CUHK Law Offer

Uni app.013.jpeg

CUHK Medicine Offer

cuhk medicine.png

LSE Law Offer


Cambridge Math Offer

cambridge 2.png

Yale Undergrad Offer

nadia yale offer.jpg

UCL Psychology Offer


CUHK Medicine Offer!

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 9.59.37 AM.png

HKU Law Offer!


KCL History  Offer!

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-17 at 11.01.15 (1).jpeg
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