Founding partners: Edward Stevens, Ryan Reagan


Before graduating from University, Ryan is an IB graduate scoring 40/45, while Edward studied the UK A-Levels and obtained 5 A*s.

In 2013, they co-authored "Becoming an IB Miracle", where they interviewed over 100 high-achieving students and analysed their studying skills.

Based on this information, they developed HKExcel's renowned exam-oriented syllabus and IB courses.

They are responsible ensuring an amazing teaching quality by all teachers at HKExcel. 


Head of Accounting: Ricky Chan

Ricky is an IB graduate and a Bachelor Degree holder for John Moores University.

He is in charge of all accounting matters at HKExcel.


Head of Administration: Joyce 

Jackie manages all admin staff members at HKExcel and is responsible for ensuring smooth daily operations