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Get Top Marks in IB Chinese with our Tutors in HK!

Levels offered: Chinese Literature (HL & SL), Chinese Language and Literature (HL& SL), Chinese B

IB Chinese Tutor Tips for Success

Key IB Chinese assessments our HKExcel tutors help with

For Chinese Language and Literature and Chinese Literature:

- Paper 1 (Unseen passage commentary)

- Paper 2 (Written response based on poetry or literature studied at school)

- FOA (Oral presentation for English Language and Literature students)

- IOP (Oral presentation based on the study of literature)

- Written task (Written activity based on the study of literature)


For Chinese B:

- Paper 1 (Test of your reading comprehension skills)

- Paper 2 (Test of your writing skills)

What is required to achieve a level 6 or 7 in Chinese?

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The Chinese courses in the IB curriculum, whether Literature, Language and Literature, or Chinese B, demand more than mere surface-level engagement. Achieving top scores involves a deep, nuanced understanding and mastery of skills. Our experienced tutors in HK can help you achieve the following:


For Chinese Literature and Language and Literature courses:

  • Deep Analysis: Beyond mere recitation, students must critically interpret texts, focusing on themes, symbolism, and stylistic elements.

  • Contextual Insight: Grasping the historical and cultural backdrop enriches understanding, revealing deeper nuances of a piece.

  • Effective Argumentation: High scores demand not just description but compelling argumentation, backed by well-selected textual evidence.

For Chinese B:

  • Diverse Text Awareness: Mastery of various text types and understanding their unique conventions is essential.

  • Advanced Comprehension: Beyond basic reading skills, inference, interpretation, and evaluative understanding are required.

  • Proficient Writing: Beyond grammar, students should structure thoughts clearly, with a versatile vocabulary and adaptable style.

Why choose HKExcel’s IB Chinese tutors?

Our IB Chinese tuition team and IB Chinese tutors have a tremendous track record of boosting IB students' scores. Over 90% of our students in HK reported Level 6 or higher in the 2018 May exam. This is a product of our tailored, exam-focused approach.


Instead of generic and boring lessons, we dive deep into the IB's unique requirements, emphasizing critical exam skills and targeted question drilling, helping our students become more familiar with topics and concepts by engaging them in ways best suited to their abilities and strengths. Furthermore, our tutors prioritize individualized attention, catering to each student's unique learning dynamics.


If you want to boost your grade in IB Chinese, please sign up for a FREE trial lesson HERE. Our staff will arrange the lesson for you within 24 hours!

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How will our IB Chinese tutors help you during your free trial?

- Our IB Chinese tutor will help you master the areas of IB Chinese that you find most challenging

- You will learn the most updated and effective IB Chinese exam skills related to each assessment

- You will learn essential skills needed to get a 7 in all IB Chinese assessments

FREE IB Chinese trial classes are available in our HK centers or online through Skype!

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