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What does the best IB Chem tuition HK entail?

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

IB Chem is a difficult subject as its includes a lot of concepts to memorize as well as calculations to master. Many IB students in Hong Kong are looking for IB chem tuition HK.

HKExcel has one of the best IB chemistry courses in Hong Kong. Below are the way that sets out IB chem tuition HK apart:

  1. We have sorted by topic exam-based notes, which are top in the industry. Our notes are based on careful analysis of over 20 years of IB questions and therefore, includes all exam type questions that can show up. In every lesson, our IB chem tuition HK team will teach you exam skills to allow you more efficiently tackle different types of IB exam questions. In every lesson, our teachers teach according to these notes to make sure our students get the most out of the lesson

  2. We have top-notch IA experts in our IB chem tuition HK team to boost your IA grades. If you are still in the planning phase of your IA, our tutors have a series of suggested IA topics that can maximize your chances of getting a 7. We will then help you with your research and teach you how to collect and analyze data. More importantly, we will help you revise your entire lab report write up, to make sure that it is worthy of a level 7. If you already have your first draft, no worries, our team will edit your IA based on your feedback from teachers.

  3. All of the tutors in our team have undergone rigorous selection and training. Firstly, we only hire tutors who have a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry. Then, we provide extensive teaching training for our teachers because we believe that communication skills is the most important skill set of a top teacher. We want our teachers to be able to simplify difficult concepts. We want our students to be amazed at how easy a concept is, after a lesson. Thus, we ensure that our teachers use the simplest way to explain a concept so that students will grasp it immediately. More importantly, when our teacher explain how to solve a certain exam question, students should be able to follow along very easily.

  4. Our IB chem tuition HK team have a very promising track record. Over 80% of our students achieved a Level 6 or 7. Over 90% of students boosted up by at least 1 level after joining our tuitions. You can see some of the most impressive IB miracles in this page.

So above are the key reasons that set our IB chem tuition HK team apart. If you are interested to boost your grade, you can register for a free trial here. The free trial lesson is the same as a regular lesson and is totally commitment-free, meaning that you do not need to make any payments. If you find the free trial useful, you are encourage to continue, but if you don't find it useful, you don't have to continue. Either way, there is no risk for you!

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