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IB Chem tutor- How can they help you?

IB Chemistry is one of the science that students can take. While physics focuses on calculations and Biology focuses more on rote memory, Chemistry requires one to memorise many concepts, and do many calculations as well. Thus, IB chemistry is a difficult subject and there is a high demand for IB Chem tutor.

There are a total of 20 topics for IB chemistry. For higher level students, they need to learn all 20 topics, whereas for standard level students, they only need to study 10. Thus, higher level chemistry is considerably more difficult compared to standard level chemistry.

For both higher level and standard level students, there are the same assessments. Firstly, there is the paper 1, which consists of solely multiple choice questions, aiming to test students’ knowledge of core topics. Second, there is paper 2, which consist of short questions as well as long questions to test students’ knowledge of core topics. Thirdly, there is the paper 3, which is similar to paper 2, but is focused on the core topics. Lastly, there is the internal assessment, which accounts for 20% of the student’s total score. In the internal assessment, students are required to design their own experiment, conduct the experiment, collect data, and write out a full lab report to interpret the data and to evaluate the entire experiment.

So how can an IB Chem tutor help?

For the core topics, our IB Chem tutor focuses on breaking down complicated concepts with simple and easy to understand explanations. Our team is dedicated to using the most simple method to explain each concept. Knowledge alone is not enough to ace an exam. Students must know how to use their knowledge to solve IB questions and problems. Thus, for each chapter, our IB Chem tutor will go through intensive exam question drilling for our students. Moreover, our IB Chem tutor will teach exam skills that can allow students to solve IB questions in a fraction of the time.

For the internal assessment, our IB Chem tutor understand that each student needs a more tailor-made approach. Thus, normally for IB chem, private 1 to 1 lessons will be arranged for students in order to provide the most customised help for each student.

How do we train and select our IB Chem tutors?

Our IB Chem tutors are all graduates from top universities, who have obtained a degree in Biochemistry or chemistry. However, we understand that a great student does not necessarily make a great tutor. Thus, Hkexcel invests substantially in teachers; training. Firstly, HKExcel tutors all uses the same set of notes that are collectively designed by the team. Our notes uses an exam-oriented and concise approach and has a large amount mock IB questions for practicing. Secondly, all HKExcel tutors are trained by HKExcel’s co-founders Edward and Ryan. The training is to ensure that all tutors use the most effective approach to generate improvement in students’ scores.

Should you get an IB Chem tutor?

Do you feel like there are IB chemistry concepts you can’t understand? Do you feel like even if you spend a lot of time to revise chemistry, there are still a lot of questions you cant answer? Do you need a higher grade for IB chemistry to get into your dream university?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then IB Chem tutor would be large

ly beneficial to help you reach your goals. Our tutors are trained to help you understand IB chemistry concepts in a very short time with clear and concrete explanations and examples. Our job is to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your studying. IF you feel like you understand the concepts but cant ace questions, we would be the ideal solution for you, because our tutors are well-trained to teach you how to solve IB chemistry questions and to give you exam skills. Moreover, our IB chemistry team have a remarkable track record. Over 70% of our students have achieved a Level 6 or a 7. On average, students improve by 1.48 levels after joining HKExcel..

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