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What is the benefit of IB program?

A brief on how to get the highest probability of university admission through an International Baccalaureates Exam.

As the leading IB tutorial centre in Hong Kong, we strongly believe in the benefit of the IB Diploma program. There are a number of major benefits:

- The IB is globally recognised by top universities around the world such as Cambridge, HKU and Oxford. This means that students do not really need to take any extra examinations of top of the International Baccalaureates. With the right mindset and support, it is very probable for any IB student to enter a top university. University Admissions have become tougher in recent years as many fresh graduates applications increase.

- The IB offers excellent preparation for university education. In fact, IB students who take HL courses can exempt themselves from certain university courses and get university credit from it. Moreover, the extended essay and internal assessments in the IB are all very similar to university assignments. These IB assessments are designed to prepare students well for university, by equipping students with sufficient research and report writing skills.

- The IB is one of the most well-rounded curricula there is. Unlike other programs like the AP and UK A levels, IB strictly requires students to study 6 subject areas: first language, second language, math, science, art, humanity. This way, students can get a more all-rounded education and a more global perspective. Moreover, IB students are required to do CAS hours, which standards for creative action and service hours. Under the CAS scheme, students are required to do 50 hours of sports, 50 hours of art-related and 50 hours of service-related extra-curricular activities in order to graduate. This is another way in which the IB encourages an all-rounded development amongst its students.

- Compared to the local DSE curriculum, IB offers a much higher chance of success. Roughly speaking, over 90% of IB students are successfully admitted to a university. On the other hand, only less than 30% of DSE students can be successfully placed into a university. This shows how the IB is relatively less competitive and more globally recognised by universities.

- The IB is designed to help students to become productive and global citizens with strong critical thinking skills. This ideology is embedded in all subjects and aspects of the IB course. Unlike other curricula, the IB focuses of breadth more than depth, This means that the IB may not be the most complicated, but it does cover all essential topics in reasonable depth. More importantly, IB questions are more designed to train students’ critical thinking skills, by asking more open-ended and evaluative questions. It is clear that IB promotes critical thinking more than rote-learning.

After getting into the IB, many students are interested to join IB tutorial programs to boost their grades. IB students are very concerned about their grades, because they decide which university offers they get. IB math tutor and IB english tutor are particular popular, because IB math and english are particularly important. So what are the benefits of getting help from an IB tutor? There are a number of them:

- Each student have subjects that they are not very strong in. School teachers may seem to be very confusing and you feel like you cant wrap your head around any concepts that are being taught. A skilled IB tutor can teach you and break down concepts for you in an easily digestible manner. Your confidence will rise dramatically as you will find the subject much more manageable.

- Top IB tutorial centre like HKExcel offers university consultation service as well. We will advise you on the universities that you should apply for, the key things to remember in your application and advise you on how to write your personal statement. This will further increase your chance of getting into a really top university after IB graduation

- A good IB tutor will be able to explain to you the most common questions that will show up for each topic in an exam. More importantly, we can show you the best strategy to tackle each type of IB question.

- Obviously, the major benefit is a higher grade in the International Baccalaureates exam!

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