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What is IB exam preparation

The IB exam is an exam that tests students on the entire curriculum fro a specific subject area. The IB exam covers a lot of content, as the IB course itself lasts for 2 years. Moreover, each students need to handle 6 subjects in total. As you can imagine, there is a lot of content to be tested in an IB exam, which is why most students seek help from IB tutors or IB tutorial centres.

What is included in an IB exam preparation?

When students prepare for an IB Exam, i believe that they should do a couple of things.

The first most important thing is to have a study schedule. Ideally, students should start revising for the IB exam around 4 months before the exam. This will allow you to have enough time to revise all topics sufficiently. At the start of your preparation, you should create a study schedule. Your study schedule should be highly specific. It should have an outline for what you will master everyday until the date of your exam.

The next thing is obviously to stick to the study schedule. The greatest tip i have here is to manage tasks, instead of time. This means that for everyday that you study you should aim to master all IB topics you originally intended to master. How do you know if you have mastered a topic? You need to test yourself with loads of IB exam questions to make sure that you truly understand everything.

IB exam preparation
IB exam preparation

The worse thing IB students can do is to simply focus on managing time, meaning to focus on how much time is spent on each studying session, rathe than what is accomplished. For time managers, they tend to just “study” for a certain period of time and then end their studying session after time is up. These kinds of students who are not focused on a particular outcome will often find themselves accomplishing very little.

So what do effective IB students do in their studying session? Normally they would start off by trying to understand all the concepts in the topic. Then the next step is the most important. Top students would attempt loads of IB exam questions related to the concepts they learnt. By doing this, they test their own understanding. Often times, students would get very stuck at first and find the questions very difficult. But this pain is necessary to mastery. By breaking through these barriers, students gain true understanding.

How does IB tutors and IB tutorial centres like HKExcel help students in this revision process?

In simple terms, we help IB students reduce the time needed to accomplish master significantly.

By adopt effective explanations, we help our students to understand a concept within a much shorter time frame.

Then we have sorted-by-topic question banks, which saves students’ time dramatically. Then we would teach them IB exam skills to tackle all IB exam questions in a more accurate manner

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