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The HKExcel IB tutorial approach

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Many parents and IB students call us every day to ask about our IB tutorial. As the leading provider of IB tutorials in Hong Kong, we help over 500 IB students every year with our IB tutorial and have over 30 IB tutors.

In the blog post, I would like to address frequently asked questions by IB parents regarding our IB tutorial

1.How is your IB tutorial different from others?

In Hong Kong, there are quite many tutors out there providing help to IB students. What sets HKExcel apart and what is the reason why HKExcel is one of the most popular IB tutors in Hong Kong?

There are a number of reasons. Firstly, HKExcel is the true IB Specialist. This means that we do not teach any other curriculums besides the IB, because we believe that the IB is a truly unique curriculum. The questions asked in IB exams are very unique. Moreover, the extended essay and the internal assessments have very unique criterion. Thus, in order to provide the most suitable help to actually boost IB student’s scores, we have decided to only focus on the IB. Because of this focus, our tutor is more familiar with the IB than other tutors.

Secondly, all of our tutors are trained to use an extremely results-oriented and exam based approach that have become very popular amongst IB students. In fact, when HKExcel was founded in 2013, one of the founding principles at the time was to provide exam-oriented and intensive tuition specifically for IB students, which was uncommon at the time. What does it mean to be intensive and exam-oriented? it means to tailor all teachings and lessons to the sole purpose of helping the student to be able to master IB exam questions. We teach IB concepts in a way that would allow IB students to immediately answer IB exam questions. Moreover, we will teach students exam skills specific to each chapter to help them answer all types of exam that can show up in the chapter. Ever since the very beginning, the founders of HKExcel have trained eery HKExcel to teach in this exam-oriented style that is proven to generate results

Thirdly, our IB team have a tremendous track record in the past few years. Many IB miracle students have been created. To see these success stories, click here.

2. How often do students attend IB tutorials and how many lessons do they need?

Normally, our IB tutorials occur once a week for each subject. However, when exam time comes, students can join our intensive courses which occur daily.

It is hard to say how many lesson a student needs. It is advised for student to have regular tuition until the end of the IB. This can ensure that the student stays on track and is achieving to his or her full potential throughout the IB diploma.

3. What do you normally do in a HKExcel IB tutorial?

In a typical HKExcel lesson, we will first decide which topic the student needs help on. Then we will break down all the complicated concepts in the chapter for the student. Our tutors are trained to break down concepts to you in an easily understandable and concise manner.

After that, we will go through our IB question bank for that topic, which consists of all the types of IB questions that can show up for the subject. Then, our tutor will guide the student on how to tackle each type of question for that chapter. Throughout this process, the student will understand all the exam skills needed for the topic.

4. How do you help students on their IA?

In any IB subject, each student pick their own topic for the IA. Thus, each student has a truly unique IA.

Thus, for students who need help for their IA, we would arrange a private IB tutorial for them, so that the lesson can be tailor-made for the student. We can help students at any stage of the IA, from topic selection, planning to writing up the entire essay.

Our tutors have dealt with over countless IAs in the past, and will be able to use their experience to help you pick the right topic, plan your IA properly and make sure you write it up in the right way.

To register for a free trial in our IB tutorial, click here

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