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Our IB math tutor HK team

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Our centre's IB math tutor HK team is one of the strongest in the world providing world class support to over 100,000 IB students in the past few years. In this blog post, we will briefly introduce our team’s philosophy, teaching approach and track record.

Our philosophy & Teaching approach

We believe that the IB math curriculum has clear boundaries and therefore, similar types of questions show up every year for each topic. If we study the exam papers in the past, we can see that there is a clear pattern of questions that can show up. A student can predictably score a Level 7 if he or she masters all types of questions for each topic. Clearly, this takes practice.

What our IB math tutor HK team will do for our students is to show them exactly the types of questions that can show up for each topic. Our IB math tutor HK team will sort out all possible question types and teach students the easiest way to solve each type.

We also believe that practice makes perfect. During practice, repetition is key. This means that you need to do the same type of questions for at least 5 times to be able to internalise the method of solving that question type. To give students sufficient practice, our IB math tutor HK team have created our mock question bank for each topic. In the question bank, the quantity of questions ensures that students will get enough practice.

In the IB math, the exam counts for 80% of the marks while the IA counts for 20%. So the IA is undeniably important and can decide whether you get a 6 or a 7. The IA is completely different from examinations as it requires students to pick their own topic and design their own research.

In the IB math exam, there are two papers for standard level students and three papers for higher level students. Paper 1 involves non-calculator questions, paper 2 involves calculator questions and paper 3 is focused on the option topics. Each paper requires different skill sets. The paper 1 requires you to use simple methods allowing you to solve problems without a calculator. On the other hand, the paper 2 requires you to know the ins and outs of your graphic calculator. In our IB math courses, our IB math tutor HK team will teach you how to do questions from each paper for every topic. In other words, we will teach both calculator skills and non-calculator skills.

On the other hand, for the IA, we understand that each student have their own unique topic. Thus, our IB math tutor HK team have specialised IA experts that will provide tailor-made help to our students.

To facilitate students who have difficulties in picking a topic, our IB math HK team have designed a series of suggested IA topics for students to consider.

Our team & their qualifications

Our IB math tutor HK team currently employs 6 full-time IB math tutors. All of them are trained by our IB math head- Edward Stevens and uses the same materials as discussed above. This ensures consistency in our tutorials.

In terms of qualifications, all of our tutors have undergone training from our board of directors and received their certificate of teaching excellence. Moreover, all of them are bachelor degree holders from the top universities from around the world.

Our track record & recognition

In the past 5 years, over 85% of our IB math students have scored Level. To see more specific success stories from our team, click here to see our IB miracles.

Due to our tremendous track record, we have been interviewed several major newspapers, including Apple Daily, Hong Kong Economic Times, i-Money magazine. We have been recognised as Hong Kong’s go-to IB exam expert.

Moreover, we have been invited by several IB schools in Hong Kong, including Creative Secondary School, West Island School, ICHK, to share studying tips to entire grades of IB students.

We regularly upload youtube videos to share tips on IB math, such as how to get Level 7 in the Math IA, and tips for mastering each topic. Our videos have been watched by over 1million times already on Youtube.

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