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IB Tuition that achieves Goals

How IB exam preparation helps improve your results

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Preparation

As we all know, the IB English results are very important for IB students, because they largely determine where students can go for university. Ambitious IB students need to prepare months before the IB exams. In this article, we will share the ways in which our IB tutors can work together with IB students to create the best grades possible. We will be guiding you on how to get Higher grades in your International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The IB exam typically takes place over a 3 week period. Students are required to take exams for 6 subjects, and most subjects have 3 exam papers. This makes it a total of 18 exam papers to take. The amount of materials that is being covered in such a short period of time makes it very challenging for IB students. This is the reason why preparation is vital.

The (International Baccalaureate) IB Programme is actually a 2 years curriculum and schools typically teach various topics progressively. After each topic, students will need to take unit tests. These unit tests are not official, but are very important. Firstly, they help IB school teachers determine a student’s predicted grades. Secondly, doing well and studying hard for these tests will automatically help you to prepare for your final exams. At HKExcel, our IB tutors will help students to do well in all of these unit tests, by providing exam skills and sorted-by-topic exam question drilling.

Normally in the month of January, 4 months before the actual IB English exam, IB students will need to take part in mock exams. The mock exams are essentially the same as the final exam, but is sort of like a rehearsal. Normally, mock exams are designed by school teachers to mimic the IB final exams. Again, this is an excellent opportunity for IB students to prepare for the final exams. We suggest students to start preparing at east 2 months before the mock exams and to take them really seriously. If you get an excellent result for the mocks, it is quite likely that you will do similarly in the IB finals.

Then between February and May is the critical preparation phase for the IB finals. Here are some tips we have with regards to IB Diploma preparation:

Have a studying schedule

As we all know, procrastination is one of the biggest threats to a student’s academic success. We believe that only students without a clear schedule are vulnerable to procrastination. Your studying schedule should detail which topic you are going to study each day, right up until your exams. If you have enough discipline and motivation to stick to your schedule, then you can ensured that you will be fully prepared for the exams.

2. Do effective exam question practice

Research have shown that students who take mock exams at home largely outperform students who don’t. We suggest students to try to do practice exam questions at home in exam conditions. This can allow students to get used to the pressures of an exam. Moreover, we suggest students to do exam questions systematically and by topic, because this allows you to more clearly see the patterns in the exam. Generally, IB exam questions are quite predictable, as they repeat the same question types each year.

3.Get an IB tutor for subjects that you are weak in

Everyone have weaknesses and every student have weak subjects. For example, when i was an IB student, my weakest subject was English. I worked with a tutor who helped me to understand the subject from a different perspective and my results immediately started to improve. students who are weak in a subject are generally reluctant to study it, not confident in the subject and confused by the subject. A good IB tutor can help to tackle all of these problems by giving you a fresh perspective on the subject.

4. Have a specific goal

AS mentioned above, having a study schedule is the first step of academic success. It is like having a map to your destination. However, motivation and discipline are very important as well, because if you lack in them, you won’t follow your schedule after all. This is why goal setting is very important when it comes to academics.

Firstly, you need to decide on the exam score that you want to get in your IB finals. Secondly you need to find out the reason behind your goal- why is it important for you to obtain your results? Your reason should be compelling to you and should motivate you towards your goals.

So, If you are preparing for one of the top Universities. We will be providing you with the most powerful skill in how to achieve the best scores in your IB Diploma exam. We believe that we know the core requirements of achieving these results.

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