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IB tuition HK and how it helps IB students in Hong Kong

The May 2018 IB results just came out 2 months ago in July. A lot of HKExcel students were happy with their results. IB students in Hong Kong did extremely well. In fact, out of all territories in the world, Hong Kong. Records show that 38 IB students scored 45/45 and the average score was 35.9, which is significantly higher than the global average of 29. As the founding partner of HKExcel, i believe that the outstanding accomplishment by IB students in Hong Kong has a lot to do with IB tuition HK providing professional help to IB students

Although HKExcel IB tuition HK is based in Hong Kong, we also provide IB online tutorials to students from all around the world. We have taught IB students from all 6 continents. From our experience, we know that IB tutoring demand is particularly high in Hong Kong. In other words, IB students in Hong Kong are particularly interested in joining tuition to boost their grades.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, many parents in Hong Kong want their children to attend the best universities by obtaining the best IB grades. Thus many parents are keen on having their child join IB tuition HK. Secondly, more and more IB students in Hong Kong are originally from local schools, such as St Paul’s, DBS and St. Stephen’s. Academic rigour is typically higher in local curricula and tutoring is very common. Thus, many IB students with a local background will hire tutors to help them. Thirdly, since the academic level of students in Hong Kong is quite high, students who fall slightly behind will feel the need to catch up. In order to do that, many of them will hire tutors as well.

So how does having a tutor help a student’s academic results? I will use my own experiences at HKExcel IB tuition HK to answer this question

  1. Ensure correct understanding of all concepts

If IB students rely on textbooks to learn, which is often the case for IB students without a tutor, it can take them a lot of time just to master a concept. This is because textbooks are typically very long and students don't typically enjoy reading them. So learning from a textbook is a painful process.

A tutor on the other hand, can explain concepts to you in a way that immediately clicks, because they have discovered the best way to explain a certain concept. Moreover, a good tutor would be able to spot certain concepts that you don't understand and provide targeted support for you.

2. Teach you how to do all relevant exam questions

IB students relying on a textbook or school teachers will typically not know exactly the type of IB questions that can show up on a topic. This means that they are often in for surprises when they enter the exam room. Obviously it is very difficult for you in the exam if you are tackling questions you never saw before. On the other hand, a great tutor will know exactly the different types of IB questions that can show up for a topic. At HKExcel, our IB tutors will teach you all the question types that will show up and show you the method to answer them.

Moreover, at HKExcel, for each topic, we have IB Mock question banks which are developed by our IB experts. These question banks are given to all of our students as a study resource, to ensure that students get sufficient exam practice.

3. Make sure you are on track for the IA

IAs are a very important component of a student’s IB journey, as they count for 20% of the grades in each subject. In a typical IA, students need to pick their own topic, develop their own research method and write up their own report. Typical school teachers give very little support and IB students are often left confused. One situation we see very often is IB students picking the wrong topic and then struggling really badly and wasting a lot of time.

A good IB tutor should be able to advise students on the right topics to choose and guide them through the entire IA process to make sure they are on track.

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