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How can an IB English tutor dramatically boost your IB scores?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Many IB students are looking for the right IB English tutor in order to boost their IB English Scores. When I was an IB student, English was one of my weakest subject. Fortunately, I had a helpful tutor who was able to break things down for me.

In the end, I achieved a Level 6 in my exams. Since 5 years ago, HKExcel have spent continuous effort to improve our IB english teaching. Here are the ways in which our IB English tutor team can help you:

  1. Text analysis is the most important skills you need to have to get a L7 in English. To many students, this is a difficult skill. At HKExcel, our team aims to teach you an easy-to-understand framework to analyse different types of texts. After knowing the framework, you will rapidly improve your text analysis skills.

  2. In your paper 2, you need to write an essay about 2 literature pieces you read at school. The questions can often be challenging and may surprise you. However, at HKExcel, we believe that there is a set pattern in IB English Paper 2s. This means that with the right kind of practice, there should be no surprises in the exam. Our IB English team aims to teach you how to tackle the most common question types on the IB paper 2, so that you can ace whatever questions that shows up on the IB exam.

  3. For IB English, there are various assessments, including the FOA, the IOC, the IOP, written tasks etc. We understand that students require individual attention for these. Thus, for all of these assessments, our teaching team adopts a tailor-made teaching approach for each student. Our aim is always to guide students to a Level 7.

At HKExcel, our objective is to ensure that all of our teachers are of top quality and are truly helpful to our students. What are the differences between average English teachers and the truly best ones?

  1. Communication skill is vital. The top English teacher should make you feel that English is so easy. He or she should explain things in a logical and clear way that is extremely easy to understand, thereby giving tremendous confidence to the student. At HKExcel, we try our very best to only recruit teachers with excellent communication skills.

  2. Knowledge about the syllabus is also very important. The IB syllabus is unique and have very specific requirement. In order to get a L7, students need a teacher who is very familiar with the IB requirements and have a promising track record. At HKExcel, all of our teachers are IB specialists, meaning that they only teach the IB. This focus allows them to have the expertise needed to help you.

  3. A systematic teaching approach is extremely beneficial to IB students. For each assessment, there should be a systematic formula to ace it. Our IB English team have developed a formula to ace each assessment. When you have a formula to follow, things become so much easier.

So ultimately, we want to help our students achieve the following:

  1. A top result, at least a 6 or a 7.

  2. More time to chill. A lot of IB students complain they don’t have enough free time. One of the main reason is that they do not study efficiently. Consequently, they spend a lot of time without achieving much. By teaching effectively with a systematic approach, we aim to make IB students’ lives a whole lot easier. You can spend much less time and achieve a better result, meaning more time for your hobbies and friends!

  3. Ease of mind. Ambitious IB students are often worried about not meeting their goals and not reaching the minimum requirement for their dream university. At HKExcel, you get ease of mind, because our approach is proven to work. In 2018, over 85% of our IB english students scored a L6 or 7, which is much higher than the world average!

Our IB english tutor team is committed to making IB easier for you and improving your results. Click here to register for a FREE trial if you are interested to boost your IB English score!

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