*Please note that we do not accept per lesson payments*


Leave Policy:  

We open on public holiday until further notice. If you want to apply for leave, go on hkexcel.com/leave 24 hours in advance to apply in advance and we will arrange a make-up lesson.


To apply for leave for lesson in future, please send a proof for your absence to our email hkexcel.team@gmail.com. Please also note that if the teacher has some emergency and cant teach the class, we will arrange an experienced substitute teacher.  Please note that if the student does not show up for lesson without signing the leave form 24 hours in advance or without a doctor’s notice, the lesson fee would still be deducted, because our tutor would be waiting.

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  • Our lessons are all taught by IB experts with over 3 years of exp. in each lesson we will go through a lot of exam techniques  and break down complicated concepts. We guarantee you will find the lesson useful, understand the subject much better and feel more confident about exam questions after the lesson! 

    also here are some 2018 & 2019  students who just got their ib result, for your reference :) https://www.hkexcel.org/2019-ib-successes and this year we have over 10+ 45/45 students , hope we can help you the same way!

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