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More FAQs regarding our IB tutorial

What is the duration of 1 lesson?

We offer both group IB tutorials and private IB tutorials. Typically, the group tutorials are 2 hours with 3-6 students in each group. On the other hand, private tutorials are 1 hour.

Typically students have 1 lesson a week, but you can attend more than 1 lesson a week if you want in order to speed up your learning progress.

We use the same teaching materials and teaching approach in both private class and group tutorials. The main difference is that private class can provide a more tailor-made experience for students. Typically students who are falling behind or ahead of other students are recommended to do private tutorials

When it is 2 months before final exams, we will have intensive courses, where students come daily over a 2 week period to perform intensive revision for their final exams. In these intensive courses, the focus will be to give students a final boost before their exams, to help ensure that students meet their conditional offers.

What is the background of your IB tutors?

We employ over 40 IB tutors, all of them are personally trained hired by our co-founders. In terms of their academic background, all of our tutors are subject experts in the subject they teach- they have all obtained a bachelor’s degree in the subject that they teach.

Of course, excellent teaching is so much more than having a good academic background. We understand that an IB tutor’s teaching approach, communication style and familiarity is extremely important.

Thus, our co-founders personally trains each tutor with our exam-based and concise teaching style that is famous amongst IB students in Hong Kong. Moreover, all of our IB tutors uses the same set of IB notes developed by our IB team. This ensures consistency in our IB tutors’ teaching quality.

What subjects do you offer?

We offer all the major IB subjects you can think of, including math, english, Chinese, biology, chemistry, physics, business, Economics, geography, history, ESS.

When should my child start IB tutorials?

We suggest students that are struggling to reach their academic goals to start IB tutorial as soon as possible. Everyday you hesitate on whether to get an IB tutor is a day of potential improvement that is unfulfilled. We offer a free trial lesson for new students, and it is totally risk free. You can come to our centre to try our IB tutor with no cost and only continue if you find it useful.

An effective IB tutor will be able to break things down to you and help you immediately understand complicated concepts that used to confuse you. Moreover, we can teach you exam skills that can instantly improve your confidence in exam and also boost your scores.

For IBMYP students, their academic results don't directly affect when they go for university. Some parents feel that it is too early and unnecessary to start tuition in IBMYP. On the other hand, there are some parents that want their child to be academically advanced starting from a young age, and hence they would enrol their child for tuition starting as early a grade 6 or 7.

There is not a right or wrong answer regarding this issue, but for students who are determined to get into the top universities, we would strongly suggest them to start tuition early if they are currently falling short of their academic goals.

What resources would my child get from your IB tutorials?

Each lesson, students will get a set of IB notes and mock exam question banks. Typically, our tutor will teach according to these materials. After the lesson, students can take the mock exam question bank home and do the remaining question as homework.

What is your rescheduling policy?

We understand that IB students are very busy and often have activities they need to get involved it. Consequently, sometimes they need to skip lessons that were already arranged. We know that many tutorials centres will charge for a lesson even if students fail to make it due to other commitments. At Hkexcel, students can cancel a lesson originally arranged with a 24 hour notice. We believe that this is a fairer approach.

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